Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Zoom account?

Zoom is a free video messaging service. You can either use it through your web browser or download the application to your phone or computer. You can sign up for free using the link below.

When is the Registration Deadline?

Registration will be open until July 1st. Participant Registration is on a first come-first serve basis and will be open until full. 


What's the difference between and Auditor and Participant?

Both Auditors and Participants are welcome to participate in the entire workshop; however, participants will be the only ones eligible to play in the masterclasses. In addition, participants receive one free lesson with a teaching artist. 

I'm a participant, when should I submit my repertoire?

Since these lessons and masterclasses are all taught online, it is important that we know what music you will be playing so that we can reference it in your lessons. The music you would like to play should be submitted to our email ( one week prior to your lesson. 

When will the schedule be released?

We are working hard to finalize the schedule and will announce on social media as well as the website when the schedule is released. All registrants will receive an email before the conference with the schedule as well. 

Who will teach my lesson?

Participants will be assigned teaching artists. Click HERE to view the teaching artists for this workshop. 

How do I donate?

The virtual trombone workshop is not directly accepting any monetary donations. Donations are also not required. If you feel that you are able to donate, please feel free to donate to the MusiCares Coronavirus Relief Fund by clicking HERE