Q: Is this VTW all online?


A: Yes, 100% of the 2021 VTW program takes place online, using the Zoom platform.


Q: Are all events synchronous, or can I view sessions later?


A: All events can be attended synchronously, but all registrants will be able to access the recorded sessions after they’ve occurred for a limited time.


Q: What is the difference between a Performer and an Auditor?


A: Auditors can attend sessions to watch and learn.  Performers will have the opportunity to play live in one of our guest Artist Masterclasses, and attend a private session for Performers only.


Q: How do I know which masterclass I will be performing in?


A: For those registered as Performers, a VTW representative will reach out in advance of the program to schedule your masterclass. 


Q: I’d like to register, but I am unavailable during part of the program.  Can I still attend the sessions that I am able to?


A: Absolutely, all registrants are welcome to attend sessions based on their personal schedules.  All registrants will have access to recorded sessions after they’ve occurred for a limited time as well, so all can watch sessions you missed on your own time.


Q: The website says that times are TBD.  Can you give me an idea of a daily schedule?


A:  All sessions will generally take place between 11 AM EST and 8 PM EST.  Sessions generally last 30-60 minutes on average, scheduled in blocks of about 2 hours max.  Time is allotted between blocks for breaks.  A more detailed schedule will be provided to registrants before the program, and our default time will always be in EST.  


Q: What kind of technology do I need to participate in this program?


A: A device with the Zoom program and a working internet connection is necessary for attending sessions.  For Performers, we recommend a strong WiFi or hardwire connection to a laptop or desktop computer, with an internal or external camera, for the best experience playing in a masterclass.  An external microphone will also allow the Guest Artist to hear your best sound.  All Performers will receive guidance on sound settings before the masterclasses.  For more specific information or recommendations on equipement, please contact us at virtualtromboneworkshop@gmail.com


Q: When is the registration deadline?


A: The last day to register is January 10, 2021.  


Q: I participated in the last VTW, and I received an individual private lesson during that program.  Will I have a private lesson during the 2021 workshop?


A: No, private lessons are not part of this workshop, but we hope to bring those back in the future.  All Performers will still play in a masterclass for a Guest Artist.


Q: I am an educator and need a record that I attended the workshop for my professional development hours.  Is a receipt or certificate available?


A: Yes, please contact us at virtualtromboneworkshop@gmail.com to arrange for that documentation.  


Q: I am registered as a performer.  May I record my masterclass performance myself so I can keep a copy of it?


A: Participants in the program will not have automatic access to record their screens, but we can arrange for you to record your performance if you contact us in advance of the masterclass.


Q: Can I change my registration status after I’ve signed up? (from Performer to Auditor, or vice-versa)


A: No, registration status is final once submitted.